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Mira® Pro™  provides research caliber image calibration, data reduction, visualization, and measurement tools in a highly integrated, easy to use environment.

Application areas: Astronomy and space science research, education.

Mira Pro is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit editions:

Mira Pro showing images, plots, 3-D, measurements, and analysis


Introducing Mira Pro

Superior software is no accident. It requires understanding the problems and solutions and assembling a team of specialists and world-class developers to implement those solutions. At Mirametrics, that's exactly who we are. Mira Pro™ offers the professional researcher or educator class-leading tools to do it easier, faster, and better. Mira Pro includes an extensive collection of richly integrated, easy to use tools for image visualization, precision measurement, and data reduction. On the other hand... if you need even more tools and scripting capability, see Mira Pro Ultimate Edition or the 64-bit version with more features and a scripting language, Mira Pro x64.

Note: Mira Pro™ is a 32-bit application, meaning that it is limited to 4GB of memory space even running under 64-bit Windows 7/8/10. This also has the benefit of running on 32-bit version of Windows which is commonly installed nowadays in college computer labs. If you use a 64-bit Windows platform and want pure 64-bit computational power unleashed, for working with huge images or many huge images, see the 64-bit version, Mira Pro x64.

One year of maintenance is included; after one year, discounted annual maintenance is available to provide tech support and keep your software current.


  • Mira Pro makes it easy to make research quality photometric measurements of any number of stars with any number of standards on any number of images. Doing ensemble photometry, plotting light curves, importing objects from target lists, and reporting results are a snap!
  • Use Mira Pro as a powerful, general-use tool for astronomical research, including areas like variable star research, exo-planet search, milli-mag level photometry, supernova patrol, minor planet detection and rotation, and data mining.
  • Provides powerful tools for astronomical data reduction and visualization.
  • Mira Pro is also great for analyzing 2-D and 3-D numerical models and simulations.
  • Excellent for synoptic studies involving measurement or analysis of photometry, coordinates, distances, angles, brightness, and other parameters.

Key Features

  • Mira's outstanding GUI puts advanced tools where you expect them, freeing you to think about science, not using software.
  • Utilize Mira's superior visualization and analysis tools to get more from image data and numerical simulations.
  • Realize complex data reduction strategies using simplified, intuitive commands and procedures.
  • Measure science-grade coordinates, distance, angles, FWHM, statistics, magnitudes, and more, in image units and FITS World Coordinates.
  • Work with FITS and other standard image formats using 8 to 64-bit numeric data plus 24-bit and 48-bit color.

Hot Topics

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Related Products:

  • Mira Pro x64 (native 64-bit application; also adds the source extraction module, file event scripting, and a powerful programming extension language for scripting and other computational needs)
  • Mira Pro UE (adds the source extraction module, file event scripting, and a powerful programming extension language for scripting and other computational needs)
  • Mira AL (starter version for students and casual use)
  • Educator Bundles: Mira AL Site License with Mira Pro, ideal for teaching and curriculum development!

More Information

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  • Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit or 64-bit), or 100% compatible Windows environment on Linux or Mac.
  • Hard Drive Space: 100 MB.
  • Memory: 4GB

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