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AL x64






Pro UE (legacy)


Pro x64


MX x64


64-bit application runs only on a 64-bit version of Windows. This increases software capabilities and performance by exploiting the increased processing speed and expanded 64-bit memory space of a 64-bit operating system.        
32-bit application runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. Note: A 32-bit application cannot access 64-bit capabilities even when installed on a 64-bit operating system.          
Advanced User Interface components: docking panes, drop button menus, tear-off menus, floating submenus, and custom configuration.  
High Performance Image Display  
Image Set support (1 to n images per window) for most commands  
Live horizontal and vertical slices            
align to horizontal or vertical reference            
Image set management (add, delete, re-order)    
Open image sets (groups of image files)  
Save image sets (save all, save to folder, save with suffix)  
Sort image set by properties (exposure, date, etc)      
Image Blinking and Animation, 1/10 to 50 frames per second.  
Image Bar: Docking Pane for image window shows Magnified view, thumbnail view, image set buttons, image adjustment buttons, coordinate readout, and image information (choose Image Bar or Image Toolbar).        
Image Toolbar: Toolbar on image window shows Magnified view, thumbnail view, image set buttons, image adjustment buttons, coordinate readout, and image information (choose Image Bar or Image Toolbar).  
Dynamic palette manipulation  
Palette Color-bar Docking Pane (horizontal or vertical)  
Pseudo-color, grayscale, and RGB palettes  
High Performance Transfer Function management  
Transfer Function Docking Pane (horizontal or vertical)  
Dedicated Image cursor (separate from mouse pointer)  
Zoom 16x to 1/16x in factors of 2, dynamic panning, mouse wheel    
Zoom 16x to 1/1024 (for huge images) in factors of 2, dynamic panning, mouse wheel        
Print images, grayscale or color  
Print image to scale, size, or placement on page  
Print overlay grid, keyword text, and comments  
Copy image to Windows clipboard  
1-D plotting of image data  
Configure plot scale, ticks, fonts, labels, colors, borders, and direction  
Configure plot window colors and size  
WYSIWYG Printing of plots with preview  
Plot printing page placement, size, and scale  
Plot Series support  
Plot series blinking and animation  
Plot Single column and row intensity profile  
Plot Multiple column and row intensity profiles  
Plot Averaged column and row intensity profile  
Mean, Median, and Sum plot averaging modes  
Standard Deviation plot averaging mode    
Plot intensity profile along a drawn line  
Over-plot lines parallel to a drawn line  
Plot 1-D data in world coordinates or pixel coordinates  
Configure marker and line size, color, symbols  
Scatter plot of  tabular data (all cells or specific cells or rows)  
Dynamic plot coordinate readout  
Plot zoom, expand, and pan  
Dynamic plot coordinate readout  
Live constrained x or y plot zoom and pan    
List measurements in tabular format  
Plot data from measurements in a table  
Create presentation quality chart from measurements in a table    
Open measurements from a table in Excel    
Measure distance and angle  
Live coordinate measurement in pixel and world coordinates  
Measure centroid coordinates  
Measure image statistics inside a rectangular region  
Support for FITS World Coordinate System ("WCS") Standard  
Julian Date calculation (photometry: JD, HJD, MJD, MHJD)  
Angular (arcsecond) coordinate scale  
Delete world coordinate scale  
Draw text labels and markers on images  
Set label options (marker shapes, size, colors, font, placement)  
Display and edit FITS header (FITS format images)  
FITS Header Editor Docking Pane  
Display and edit image information (TIFF, and other image formats)  
Set Author & Copyright information (or equivalent)  
Immediate and batch mode selection of 1 or many images available in the command dialog for most commands. Images can be selected from am Image display window, files, lists, or folder using selection criteria (e.g., naming patterns, keyword values).  
Profile tool to manage parameter presets saved with a name; available in most command dialogs.  
Image Arithmetic: add, subtract, multiply, divide, blend (interpolate)  
Image Arithmetic: remainder, reverse division          
Crop image to image cursor bounds (interactive)  
Trim images using SECTION keyword in image header    
Modify or add keyword values and names to image headers    
Image Value Arithmetic: add, subtract, multiply, divide  
Image Value Arithmetic: divide into, blend (interpolate), remainder      
Image Operations: change sign, exponential, log 10      
Image Operations: log e, absolute value, reciprocal      
Image Operations: byte swap, change data type, square root  
Rotate 90, 180, 270, or transpose image  
Rotate a specified angle about center or about a point.  
Mirror flip left/right, or up/down  
High precision image registration (alignment)   

Shift alignment

Skew alignment (rotate, shift, scale x, scale y, non-perpendicular axes)  
Extract color plane from RGB image  
Convert to grayscale or RGB image  

Merge channel images to make RGB image

Merge channel images to make LRGB image  
De-speckle to remove color channel point noise  
Basic filters: Sharpen, De-speckle, Custom 3x3 kernel  
Image Combining with offset and scale normalization  
Image Combining: Mean, Median, Sum, Zero-masked mean  
Image Combining: Standard deviation, Range, MTM Mean, Alpha-Clipped Mean      
Image Combining: Min/max clipped, Sigma clipped, Minimum Value, Maximum Value    
Image Combining: MTM Sigma-weighted Mean, Keyword-weighted Mean, Rank Statistic          
Operator Kernels: Prewitt gradient, Linear Feature              
Image Combining: Alpha Clipped Mean, Geometric Mean, Yp Mean              
Image Combining: Rank clipped mean, Min/max clipped range              
Basic Image Calibration (manually create & apply bias, dark, flat frames)  
Native support for 8, 16, unsigned 16, and 32 bit integer data types  
Native support for 32 and 64 bit real data types  
Native support for 24 and 48 bit RGB data types  
Image format support: FITS, TIFF, BMP, JPEG  
Supports file opening plug-ins for alien formats  
Screen Capture utility  
1-Click align at point  
1-Click align on extended object (planet, comet head, etc.)  
Measure magnitudes using aperture photometry   1
Unlimited measuring apertures, standard apertures, and sequential images   1
Plot light curve for target stars, standards, and check stars.   1
Prepare AAVSO report in extended format (single & ensemble)   1
Single Object Photometry, Series Photometry, Ensemble Photometry   1
Circular photometry apertures   1
Elliptical photometry apertures       1
Edit photometry data, print, save to file, copy to clipboard, scatter plot   1
Astrometric Calibration (plate solution), saved as WCS 1
Add simple, low precision equatorial coordinate scale   1
Interactive Pixel Repair  
Import photometry catalogs using (X, Y) coordinates     1
Import photometry catalogs by (RA, Dec) coordinates     1
Airmass Calculator (in addition to the photometry tool)     1
View live table of pixel values    
Interactively edit pixel values in tabular format      
Pixel Table Docking Pane (moves with Image Cursor)    
Image Set Toolbar for quick manipulation of the image collection    
Copy and paste plots between windows      
List plot point data in tabular format      
Plot points at same coordinates in an image set      
Copy and Paste images between windows      
Histogram Plotting    
Plot Bit Histograms for camera and image diagnostics      
Radial Profile Plot with Profile + Constant fit, where Profile = Moffet or Gaussian Function.    
3-D Plotting      
3-D Surface, Illuminated, Wireframe, and Z-shaded plots      
3-D dynamic tilt and rotation (manual or automated)      
3-D Quad and triangular pixel facets      
3-D Z-axis scaling      
3-D dynamic palettes and pseudo-color      
3-D Dynamic adjustable viewpoint, illumination, and attributes      
Contour plotting, 1 to 100 levels, auto or user specified      
Interactive Contour Plotting      
Read Noise Calculator for CCD images    
Gain Calculator for CCD images    
Linear coordinate scale (e.g., mm, microns, km, etc.)    
List world coordinate keywords from image header    
Image cursor "Go To" pixel or world coordinate, within an image or between images.    
View HISTORY and COMMENT keywords    
Crop or trim image to specified (column, row) bounds, user-drawn rectangle, or image cursor rectangle.    
Set pixel values directly in the image      
Set region value with optional Gaussian random noise      
Flatten background with 1x1 up to 10x10 polynomial surface      
Subtract or divide polynomial surface or create image of  the surface      
Scale image dimensions by a factor      
Scale image independently in both directions      
Shift image (whole or fractional pixel amounts)      
Expand image to larger size      
Imbed image into another image      
Affine transformation (scale, rotate, and shift)      
Convert to luminance image using channel weights      
Extract byte plane from image having 8 to 64 bits per pixel      
Sharpening Filters: Custom Kernel (m x n), Unsharp Mask, High Pass (m x n)    
Smoothing Filters: Rectangle, Elliptical, Gaussian, Block Average      
Smoothing Filters: Binomial (m x n)      
Noise Reduction: Median, Boxcar for m x n    
Noise Reduction: Clip High, Clip Low      
Image Set Cleaning for automated statistical removal of cosmic rays      
Noise Reduction: Cosmic Ray filter (various options)      
Rank Filters: Median, Minimum Value      
Rank Filters: Maximum value, Percentile Rank      
Operator Kernels: Rotational Gradient    
Operator Kernels: Compass Gradient, Laplacian (various types)      
Advanced interactive pixel repair          
Express Calibration: apply bias, dark, and flat field corrections to an image or image set.    
Express Calibration: apply pixel flat and intensity flat field corrections to an image or image set.          
Express Calibration: apply under-scan and over-scan bias, bias frame, and erase line corrections.      
Express Calibration: Cosmetic repair: blemish masks (columns, rows, regions), pixel masks, trim to size.    
Master Bias Frame Creation command      
Master Dark Frame Creation command      
Master Flat Frame Creation command      
Master Illumination Flat Creation command          
Master Pixel Flat Creation command          
Cosmetic repair: pixel mask correction (isolated points)    
Cosmetic repair: create and edit pixel masks and blemish masks    
Cosmetic Repair: auto-create pixel masks      
Supports image processing plug-ins for measurements and processing.      
Calculate Image Scale from header data    
Calculate CCD camera gain from images    
Calculate CCD readout noise from images    
Single cycle or continuous image animation  
Modify marker and line size, color symbols    
Single cycle, continuous, and rocking plot animation      
Configurable histogram binning strategies    
Image format extensions: ASCII text read and write, formatted or unformatted          
Image format extensions: Raw binary read and write          
Multi-level interactive contour plotting      
Maximum Entropy de-convolution for image enhancement      
Multiple 3-D plots from a 2-D image set      
3-D dynamic blinking, animation, and rotation      
3-D Ribbon, Stepped Ribbon, Column, and Simple pixel facets      
Single cycle, continuous, and rocking plot animation      
Single cycle or continuous animation      
Modify marker and line size, color symbols      
Point source fitting and removal for deleting interfering PSF's.      
Image Normalization to target statistic or target value    
Kwee - van Woerden Solver for time of minimum in a data set.   1
Synthetic Image creation using a complete noise model and synthetic PSF's        
Program extension language for scripted and non-scripted applications.         
File Event Scripting          
Source Extraction module for detecting and measuring sources          
Live plot scaling and positioning            
Interactive Polynomial fitting to 1-D plot data (fits order 1 to 10 and provides plot series and region selection, point deletion and weighting).              
Measure point coordinates and intensities  
Measure angle between two lines and the base angle              
Measure distance along line between points    
Measure polygon area, perimeter, and intensity statistics              
Interactively calibrate linear coordinate scale              


(1)  Astronomy/space science Module for Mira MX can be provided at user request, no charge.

This feature list is accurate at the time of publication but may not include feature additions or modifications present in currently shipping versions. If you have specific feature questions, please contact Mira Sales or Support.


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