Mira Pro x64 Version 8.61

The list below describes new and improved program features in Mira Pro x64 version 8.61. Note: Script language updates are described for Mira Pro x64 Script.

  • Statistics Properties dialog: Added the following options:
  • Save Statistics to Header option added for saving the calculation as a keyword in the FITS header.
  • Standard Error of the Mean added to the statistics properties.
  • Standard Error of the Mean - Clipped added to the statistics properties.
  • Remove Statistics Keywords command: Removes all statistics keywords from the image header. This was added to the Image Window's pull-down menu.
  • List Statistics Keywords command: Lists all statistics keywords in the headers of an image or image set. This new command was added to the "Edit > List Keyword Types" menu and "Measure > Statistics" menu for Image Windows.
  • Calculate Julian Date command: This new independent command works like the long existing option in the Aperture Photometry package. All commands add the calculated JD to the image headers.  It is in the global "Processing > Utilities"" menu and the "Process > Utilities" submenu for Image Windows.
  • Tutorial: Added "Using FITS Keywords to Analyze Image Data." This tutorial shows how to make a scatter plot with error bars for quantities obtained from FITS image headers. Both a User Interface solution and an equivalent script are provided.

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