Mira Pro x64 Version 8.62

The list below describes new and improved program features in Mira Pro x64 version 8.62. Note: Script language updates are described for Mira Pro x64 Script.

  • Plot Bar: Added World Coordinate System ("WCS") readout to the existing (x,y) coordinate readout. The world coordinates refer to the plot coordinates in the source image, if the plot was created from an image.
  • Plot Bar: Added live pixel readout of image pixels in the source image data, if the plot was created from an image. Both the Plot Y value and the actual "Z" value in the image are listed.
  • Plot Point Measurements: This plot window tool was added in version 8.60. It now includes the image world coordinates and pixel value, if the plot was created from an image. The world coordinates and value are listed in the Notes section of the Measurements pane.
  • Statistics Properties: The following options were added to the Statistics Properties window. A total of 19 statistical estimators are available for both images and plots from user interface commands (that is, without using the CStats script class). All estimators and their region may be added to the image header for image documentation and future use.
    • Save Statistics to Header: This option saves the statistical estimator as a keyword in the FITS header. The 20 new keywords use the name S_nnnnnn, like S_MIN, S_MEDIAN, S_ACMEAN, S_CLSDEV, etc.
    • Standard Error of the Mean: Added to the estimator options.
    • Standard Error of the Mean - Clipped: Added to the estimator options.
  • List Statistics Keywords: This new command lists all statistics keywords from the headers of an image or image set. It was added to the Image Window menu in the Edit > List Keyword Types submenu and the Measure > Statistics submenu.
  • Remove Statistics Keywords: This new command removes all statistics keywords from the image header. It was added to the Image Window  Measure > Statistics submenu.
  • Tutorial: Added "Using FITS Keywords to Analyze Image Data." This tutorial uses both user interface commands and a script to create a scatter plot of image sky brightness versus Modified Julian Date.
  • Calculate Julian Date: This new command calculates 4 types of Julian Date and add the result to the image header. This was added to the global  Processing > Utilities  menu and the  Process > Utilities  menu for Image Windows. This feature also continues in the Aperture Photometry package.
  • Calculate Airmass: Added options to calculate airmass over a range of date and time. The results may be listed in a text window or graphed in a plot window. The original action of calculating airmass for only one of date & time remains available.

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