Mira Pro x64 Version 8.65

The list below describes new and improved program features in Mira Pro x64 version 8.65. This is a major upgrade with the addition of the Topic Help system. Note: Script language updates are described for Mira Pro x64 Script.

  • Getting Application Help: Added numerous help buttons that directly open the specific help topic in the online User's Guide. See the "Getting Application Help" topic in the User's Guide for a description of how to open help from commands dialogs, windows, panes, and toolbars.
  • Immediate Mode Dialogs: Implemented a Process Image Set checkbox on all "immediate" mode processing command dialogs. The new checkbox opens with the processing status from the top-most Image Window. Set the checkbox as desired for the current processing. The Image Bar [P] ("processing") button will be updated when the immediate mode dialog closes. This new checkbox replaces the previous use of a status message that specified the Image Window's processing state but did not allow overriding it.

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