What Customers Say...

"...this is the most intuitive piece of software I've ever used.  Excellent interface all around. I can tell you put some thought into the functionality & navigation of the package."

— Chris Sauer, Development Manager, Software Industry

"...one click calibration... Its wonderful!... the procedure-method-source file approach is brilliant."

— Dr. David Erickson, Senior Scientist in optics R&D.

"Mira is so popular around here. ... Having a portable way to review image quality (Mira on a laptop) is proving to be very valuable ..."

— Dr. Tim Castellano, NASA Ames Research Center.

"What a beautiful program. The tutorials are great."

— Scott Hesser, Wheaton College

"I have students of all backgrounds and capabilities using Mira in a variety of instructional and research settings. I have found that even non-major, Introductory Astronomy students learn to use Mira very easily and rapidly. By the end of their first two-hour lab session they have measured a calibrated magnitude of a supernova, using Mira's user-friendly aperture photometry. In a second lab session they produce light curves for two RR Lyrae stars in the globular cluster M3, and determine its distance. I find that Mira's learning curve is almost flat! It can't get any easier to use than that! In the research setting I have undergraduates and graduates producing light curves for binary stars, and searching for the photometric signature of planets in those systems. They process nights of data that include several hundred images, using the powerful image set registration and photometry procedures. They ended up writing the data processing cookbook themselves!"

— Dr. Daniel Caton, Appalachian State University


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