Plotting Images and Data

Mira provides tools for plotting 2-D images in various 1-D and 3-D forms, including intensity profiles, line cuts, histograms, radial intensity profiles, contours, and surface plot representations. These commands are provided in the Image Plot Toolbar, Plot Menu and in the Plot submenu of the Image Context Menu.

A Profile Plot is a graph of pixel values along a line through an image. This line may be parallel to the column direction, parallel to the row direction, or along an arbitrary direction. These are referred to as a Column Profile, Row Profile, and a Line Profile, respectively. Mira can plot not just a line of row or column data but also an average column or row or all columns or rows. In addition, if an image set is opened, you can choose to plot these quantities for every image in the set.

Plotting Topics

Column Profile (vertical)

Row Profile (horizontal)

Line Profile (arbitrary direction)

Scatter Plot works with tabular data in a Report Window.

Radial Profile Plot

Histogram Plot

Histogram Preferences

Bit Histogram Plot

Pixel Series Plot

Plot Toolbar

Plot Series Attributes

Changing the Plot Attributes

Changing the Plot Series Default Attributes

Viewing the Plot Series Data

Contour Plot

Interactive Contour Plot

3-D Surface Plots

Plot Preferences

Plot Attributes

Changing the Plot Series Mode

Plot Averaging Mode

Plot Coordinate Systems

Examples of Row Plots

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